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Vanguard Infra: You Gateway to Luxury Living in Hyderabad

Vanguard Infra is focused on providing a quality lifestyle and redefining the standard of living by merging technology and real estate for the ever-evolving customer.

They promote an eco-friendly lifestyle thus surrounding their villas with 3000 acres of forest and nature. This provides a perfect opportunity to live the luxurious life people aspire to live.

Moreover, the weekend homestays and resorts allow people to relax and unwind in the laps of nature, which can be a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Our Values


To be a pioneering force in real estate, shaping the future of luxury living in Hyderabad. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating technology and nature into our purposeful and human-centric projects.


At Vanguard Infra, we transform the concept of living by delivering innovative and enriching experiences. We are committed to delivering flawless projects, prioritizing quality, timeliness, and meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, we strive to be eco-conscious builders throughout every stage of our development process.

About the Founder

Mr. Hanu Yedluri

The Founder

Mr. Hanu Yedluri’s journey is inspiring, having evolved from a modest agricultural background to becoming a global leader in finance, real estate and technology. His academic foundation at a government high school led him to prestigious roles, including Vice President for Global Wealth Management at Bank of America – Merrill Lynch and CIO at Orlans Associates, USA. His extensive experience in financial services was instrumental in founding Insta EMI in 2012 in India, a firm focusing on loans and investment portfolio management, currently handling a loan book of 300 Crores per annum and managing a sizable assets portfolio in equity and mutual funds.Mr. Yedluri’s journey is inspiring, having evolved from a modest agricultural background to becoming a global leader in finance and technology.

Vanguard’s innovative approach under Mr. Yedluri’s leadership is evident in its venture into eco-friendly villas and home stays. This venture not only diversifies their investment portfolio but also promotes sustainable ways of living.

Mr. Yedluri’s contributions have been recognized widely, earning him accolades from educational institutions and a prestigious Business Leader Award from Sri Venkaiah Naidu, former Vice President of India.

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